Genuine Natural 12 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Bead

Rs.10,000.00 Rs.9,500.00


Genuine Natural 12 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Bead

Rs.10,000.00 Rs.9,500.00

  • Symbol of – Sun
  • Ruling Planet – Sun
  • Ruling God – Lord Indra
  • Day of wearing – Sunday/Monday
  • Origin – Nepal
  • Recommended for – Curing diseases of the eyes, Mental Disorders, Bone Diseases, Indigestion, Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Problems of Intestine, Diseases of Heart, Rickets and Osteporosis.
  • Influence on body organ: Cerebral hemisphere, Hiatus of stomach, Esophagus.
  • Properties – He is free from the sin of killing animals like elephants, horses, cats, rats, rabbits, tigers, bears, foxes and even men. This Rudraksha removes all the sins. The person who wear this Rudraksha get Punya equivalent to the donating 108 cows.
  • People experience – The wearer never suffers from physical and mental pains. Wearer will be free from fear of fire and diseases.
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12 mukhi Rudraksha has twelve natural lines on its surface. A twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Surya ( Lord Sun ) who creates a powerful Aura around the wearer. If the Planet Sun is Malefic in the wearers horoscope, then its negative effects are also pacified by this Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha. This Rudraksha improves the Administrative capacity of a person and therefore it is very good for Administrators, Businessmen, and Politicians who should wear this Rudraksha for Name, Fame, Wealth and Power. This Rudraksha is said to possess the Brilliance, Luster, Radiance and Strength of Lord Sun and hence, the wearer is bestowed with all these virtues. The wearer also gets protection from diseases, worries, fear of armed people and wild animals. The wearer becomes fearless and trouble free and all his physical and mental sufferings are relieved. Hence, the person is able to acquire Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Positive Effects

  • The wearer of a Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha becomes Energetic, Brilliant, Radiant and Strong like Lord SUN.
  • As per ancient vedic texts, this Rudraksha is said to help in curing diseases caused by an adverse placement of the SUN in a horoscope such as diseases of the right eye, bones, mental anxiety, problems with elders and heart ailments.
  • This Rudraksha is also said to represent 12 Jyotirlingas as well as twelve forms of Aditya i.e. Lord Sun.
  • All the worries, fears and suspicions of a person are removed by wearing this Rudraksha.
  • Any person who wears this Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is able t0 lead a more Happier, Healthier and a Wealthier Life.

Who should wear this Rudraksha

A 12 mukhi Rudraksha can be worn all those people who are in Administration, Business or Politics should wear this Rudraksha to get Name, Fame, Power & Success. People suffering from the Diseases of Eyes, Bones or Heart Ailments should also wear this Rudraksha since it gives them the ability to remove all kinds of doubts from the mind and confidently take control of people or any kind of Adverse situation. This Rudraksha is also good for people suffering from diseases of skin including leprosy as per Ancient Vedic Texts.

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  • We purchase raw material, handpick every stone specially for you and our artisans handcraft them into beautiful jewellery. Then.Then we Pack it and ship it and wait eagerly for it to reach your doorstep.
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Please Note

  • The photo gives a good representation of the Rudraksha but does not represent the actual size & color.
  • As the Gemstones are of Natural Origin therefore they have Inclusions which they got from Nature over the span of 1000’s of Years.


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